Reporting of Concerns

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Reporting of Concerns

Please choose one of the options listed below to report concerns about State Street accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters or other concerns about State Street or its conduct to the Lead Director of the Board of Directors, Kennett F. Burnes.

From within the United States and Canada:
1-888-736-9833 (toll-free)

From outside the United States:

Country Access Code for AT&T Direct Only Toll-free Number
Austria 0-800-200-288 888-736-9833
Ireland 1-800-550-000 888-736-9833
U.A.E. 0-800-121 888-736-9833
Australia 1-800-08-7428
Belgium 0800-7-5651
Cayman Islands 1-888-736-9833
China Telecom South 10-800-110-0731
China Netcom Group 10-800-711-0788
France 0800-91-2790
Germany 0800-180-8934
Hong Kong 800-90-3272
India 000-800-100-1389
Italy 800-788952
Japan KDD 00531-11-4442
Japan Cable & Wireless IDC 0066-33-801143
Japan Softbank Telecom 0066-33-112661
Japan NTT 0034-800-900131
Korea 00798-11-002-1599
Luxembourg 800-2-7148
Netherlands 0800-022-7427
Poland 0-0-800-111-1730
Singapore 800-110-1607
South Africa 0800-981-281
Switzerland 0800-89-6872
Taiwan 00801-10-4147
United Kingdom 0808-234-4889

Posted Mail:
The Network
ATTN: State Street
333 Research Court
Norcross, GA 30092