State Street voluntarily makes available a semi-annual report of our direct corporate political contributions including contributions to candidates, political parties, political committees, ballot initiatives, other political entities organized and operating under 26 U.S.C. Section 527 and U.S.-tax-exempt organizations, generally, where the contribution is given for the purpose of influencing the political process. We also disclose the use of corporate funds for independent political expenditures, which are expenditures for communications expressly advocating for the election or defeat of a candidate and not coordinated with a candidate or political party.

Period Recipient Jurisdiction Amount
2023 (June) None
2022 (December) Ballot Committee Relating to Eligibility for a Driver's License MA $50,000
2022 (June) None
2021 (December) None
2021 (June) Together KC, in support of a ballot measure to extend 1% earnings tax (State Street Bank and Trust-Missouri Branch) MO $5,000
2020 (December) None    
2020 (June) None    
2019 (December) None    
2019 (June) Baker-Polito 2019 Inaugural Committee MA $5,000
2018 (December Ballot Committee Relating to Protecting Transgender Rights MA $50,000
2018 (June) None    
2017 (December) None    
2017 (June) None    
2016 (December) Ballot Committee Relating to Allowing Fair Access to Public Charter Schools MA $100,000
2016 (June) None    
2015 (December) None    
2015 (June) None    
2014 (December) Ballot Committee Relating to Eliminating Gas Tax Indexing MA $5,000
2014 (June) None    
2013 (December) None    
2013 (June) None    
2012 (December) None    
2012 (June) None    
2011 None    
2010 Ballot Committee Against Repeal of Housing Law MA $10,000